Syllabus Second Year

Acting : Yoga, knowledge of Martial Arts, Voice and speech, Character analysis and practical on the principles of Stanistavshi System. Improvisation, Solo acting, acting with others. Working on technique and principles of scene work. Work on theory of acting of Brecht, Grotowshy and others. Class room exercise production.

Study of Dramatics Literature:

Classical Indian Drama: Detailed study of different types of acting based on Natya Shastra. Element of theatre used in plays. Importance and analysis of Sutradhaar, Vidushak, Chitrabhinay and Satwikabhinay in Sanskrit drama. Prekshak and prashnik. Diference between nayak and nayika.Siddhibadhadhosh Discussion on Sanskrit playwrights- harsvardhan, Ashwaghosh, Bhawbhuti and introduction to their dramatic plots. Knowledge of Arvachin and Pervartiyugin Sanskrit playwrights Inter relation of classical traditional and folk drama.

Western Drama: Various streams of theatre upto 17th century. Study of eminent playwrights of the world and main trends from 1900 to 1950. Study from 1950 till today and its relations with the theatre architecture, acting and direction. Awareness of aesthetics with the help of painting, architecture and other art forms.

Stage Craft

Stage Craft: Detailed study of architecture of Indian classical theatre in addition to Asian theatre architecture with special reference to china, Japan etc. Study of different styles of set designing alongwith preparation of drawings and models. Principles of stage lighting designing with practicals. Costume designing – Style, medium and material. Practical knowledge of carpentry. Present form of modern Indian set design. Study of modern Indian theatre architecture in comparison to global perspective. Set designing. Set execution, stage lighting etc. Stylized character make up as per need of the character with practical work. Designing costume and stage-props for any production. Preparing 'prompt book' of a production.


Direction: Fundamentals of direction, Relationship between director and actor important directors of the 20th century and their contributions. Production process. Interpretation and analysis of play. Practical exercises. Practical work on adaptation and direction of one act play, short story or poetry. Designing, interpretation, working with the actor and practicals in production related process.

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