Scholarship and Rules


An amount of Rs. 2400/- (Rupees Two thousand four hundred only) per month will be given to the students as per rules.


  1. It is mandatory for every student to ensure 100% attendance in the programmes/activities/practices organized by the Academy from time to time. Student found absent without proper information will lose scholarship during absence and liable to face disciplinary action.
  2. In case a student leaves the institution prior to completion of training, he/she will have to return the entire scholarship amount paid to him.
  3. If a student fails to secure at least 55% marks, scholarship may be stopped.
  4. Scholarship will be disbursed only after submission of the original documents related to his/her educational qualifications and experience.
  5. If a student fails to submit his/her projects, related to various examinations being conducted by Academy, scholarship amount may be reduced or forfeited.
  6. A student is found indulging in indiscipline, ragging, violence, strike, boycotting classes or incites others to do so, the scholarship can be immediately withdrawn and amount already paid can be recovered from him/her.

The decision regarding any disciplinary action finally rests with the Director of the Academy/Chairman.

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