1. Students will not be allowed to undergo training in any organization other than the Academy.
  2. Students will not be allowed to take part in any programme organized by any professional or amateur organization. They will also not be allowed to participate in any programme on television or ratio.
  3. During vacations the students will not work in any organization without the Director's permission. In order to get permission, students have to apply to the Director in writing, mentioning the programme details.
  4. Every student shall dress properly, otherwise he/she may not be allowed in the classroom. Proper haircut, shave and cutting of nails is mandatory.
  5. A student is expected to behave properly and pay due respect to all officials/personnel, associated with Bhartendu Academy of Dramatic Arts.
  6. Chewing pan/pan masala, tobacco or to use any intoxicating substance within the premises of Academy is forbidden. Students have to keep the premises clean and in order. These rules apply to all other locations as well, where students are required to visit for academy assignment.
  7. The students are not permitted to invite guest and friends during the training period. In some special circumstances, the student can meet his/her guest after obtaining the Director's permission.
  8. The student has to work in a play as per the directives of the teacher and the production director.
  9. Students are expected to maintain cordial and good relations with one another. If a male student misbehaves with a female student, he may be expelled from the institute.
  10. Telephone of the Academy will not be allowed to be used by the students no incoming calls will be received.
  11. Stern disciplinary action will be taken against student for not complying with code of conduct of Academy. May be expelled from the institution.
  12. Any decision of the Director regarding discipline will be final and binding upon students.
  13. After the admission process is over the student will have to undergo medical check up to be done by the Chief Medical Officer or Civil Surgeon of the district to which he/she belongs. The expenses for the medical check up will be borne by the student.
  14. The students will also have to undergo an IQ test, expenses of which will be borne by Academy Student will be admitted to Academy only after completion of it.
  15. Students will not be allowed to form any association or join as member of any other organization or participate its activities.
  16. If a student breaks the rules and regulations of the Academy, disciplinary committee will submit its report for the same to the Director. After going through the report the Director can decide a disciplinary action which will be binding to the Student concerned.

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