Ban on Ragging

  1. Selected students and their parents shall submit an undertaking in the prescribed format vouching for the good conduct of the student. Violation of the undertaking would result in appropriate action including suspension/expulsion. This undertaking is required to be given as per the orders of the Supreme Court dated 04.05.2001 in W.P.(C) No. 656/1998, the relevant portion of which is reproduced below.
  2. “Anti-ragging movement should be initiated by the institutions right from the time of advertisement for admissions. The prospectus, the form for admission and/or any other literature issued to aspirants for admission must clearly mention that ragging is banned in the institution and anyone indulging in ragging is likely to be punished appropriately which punishment may include expulsion from the institution, suspension from the institution or classes for a limited period or too with a public apology. The punishment may also take the shape of: (i) Withholding scholarships or other benefits (ii) Debarring from representation in events (iii) Withholding results (iv) Suspension or expulsion from hostel or mess and the like. If there be any legislator governing ragging or nay provisions in the Status/Ordinance they should be brought to the notice of the students/parents seeking admission.
  3. The application form for admission/enrolment shall have a printed undertaking to be filed up a signed by the candidate to the effect that he/she is aware of the institution's approach towards ragging and the punishments to which he or she shall be liable if found guilty of ragging. A similar undertaking shall be obtained from the parent/guardian of the applicant.
  4. Such of the institutions as are introducing such a system for the first time shall ensure undertakings being obtained from the students and their parents/guardians all ready studying in the institutions before the commencement of the next educational year/session.”

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