Syllabus First Year

Orientation Programme: It will consist of cultural heritage of India. Arts: Sculpture, architecture, dance, music, folk arts, film etc. Subject: Philosophy, political science, sociology, psychology, general knowledge and current affairs. At the beginning of the session, this will be covered in two to four weeks.

Acting: Actor's training comprises yoga, dance, movements, music and concentration. The object is to make the student aware of the functioning of body and mind there by gaining control on it with a sense of tempo and rhythm. Awareness and exercises in music will lead to better voice and breathe control.

Monologue, recitation of poems, reading short stories, developing speech skills will be part of this. Mime, working on scenes-alone, with partner and in group, Improvisation. Elementary knowledge of Stanislavski acting principles. Class room exercise productions. One the essential fart of the syllabus.

Study of Dramatic Literature:

Classical Indian Drama: It consists of the origin of drama and Natya Shastra. Brief knowledge about the chapters of Natya Shastra. Introduction to Sanskrit play wrights-Bhas, Kalidas, Shudrak, Bodhayan etc. And their plays. Development of Indian plays from classical to modern age. Kathavastu, Itivriti, Dasrupak, Rangmandap types of acting, Ras theory. Multidimensional and comparative study of important Sanskrit plays. Vrittis and its types.

Modern Indian Drama: This includes the state of Indian drama before independence. Development of Indian drama from Bhartendu to modern times. Extensive study of folk drama of Uttar Pradesh Nautanki, RasLeela, Ram Leelaetc, study of the modern plays of mohan Rakesh, Vijay Tendulkar, Badal Sarkar, DharamveerBharati, Girish Karnad and others with detailed and contemporary analysis.

Western Drama: It consists of origin, element and general study of Arspoetica. Special study of Greek and Roman drama. General study of the development of drama till 17th century. Reading, analysis of structure of plays in context to theatre. Drama of medieval period in Europe from dark ages to 15th century. Study of Greek Plays. Study of various tends of drama from 15th to 17th century. Detailed study of the plays of the plays of Marlow, Ben Johnson, Shakespeare, Aesthetics in the western drama.

Stage Craft

Stage Craft: Origin and development of theatre architecture form Stone Age to Greek and Roman era Introduction to Indian classical theatre architecture, Study of Theatre architecture of Elizabethan and renaissance era.Necessity of Scenic design and its objectives. The principles of set designing, practical based on it,types of stage drawing and elementary knowledge of carpentry.

Introduction to stage lighting Objectives and its need, Knowledge of various lighting equipments with Practical based on its Principles of Make-up and costume designing with sketches and practical.

Stage craft in modern age importance and introduction to various aspects. Importance of stage management and its various aspects, class room exercises are based on stage lighting, make-up, costumes, stage props etc.


Direction: Its elements and history. Contribution of director and his work. Theories of production process with practical. Development of directors from Shakespeare to modern times with special reference to Reinhardt, Appia, Craig, Duke of SexeMeiningen etc. Introduction to elements of production process alongwith practical work.

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